If you have gifts that you have or would like to donate to the raffle please use the below link to enter the gift information. If you need assistance doing so please reach out to Samalid or Keri. 
This year, we are holding a Virtual Pandemic raffle to raise funds for our Annual Service Grants.  We would like to collect restaurants’ gift certificates, and bottles of wine and liquor to be raffled during the month of May.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to support your favorite small business restaurants and liquor shop owners both locally, as well as your Rotary Club.  
It would be wonderful if every member could donate both a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor and at least one $25 restaurant gift card.  In addition, sponsorships for our website will be available for sale.  

Raffle tickets will be $10 each.  One hundred percent of all proceeds will go to our local Grants Fund.  Last year’s grant gifts total was $10,000.   Would it be wonderful to not only meet but exceed this amount during a pandemic year, where there are many deserving organizations serving our most needed citizens?   You could make this possible. 
All grants will be awarded on June 11, 2021, during our regular meeting.   I hope you will feel as excited as I am with this Raffle.  I am grateful to our Board of Directors, and especially to Marie Angelides for organizing this fundraiser.