President's Message
John Perez

I recently shared with a fellow Rotarian about the importance of taking time off work to rest and recharge our bodies and minds.  As Labor's Day comes closer, when most of us traditionally take a few days off, I encourage all members to pursue leisure activities, and if possible, and taking precautions to keep all the current health safety protocols, change your surroundings even for a day trip.

 When I was a boy, I learned the old moral story of two woodcutters, one older and experienced, and a strong, young, but unexperienced woodcutter. They decided to hold a competition to determine who may produce the most wood in a day.  Both men took up their positions in the forest and started chopping away in their fastest possible speed. The competition lasted for an hour before the older woodcutter suddenly stopped.  When the younger woodcutter realized that there was no chopping sound from his opponent's side, he thought: "Ah Ha! He must be tired already!" And he continued to cut down his trees with double the pace.

 Every hour, the older woodcutter would stop chopping for fifteen minutes while the young kept going relentlessly.  In the end, the young woodcutter asked, "How could you have chopped down more trees than me?" "Well, it's simple. Every time I stopped work, while you were still chopping down trees, I sharpened my ax."

Remember that every day is a brand-new opportunity to recharge, renew, and refine yourself. Devote some time to sharpening your ax, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

In service,

 John D.



Please, join us this Friday, August 20th at 12:30 pm in our weekly virtual meeting.
Our guest speaker this week is Sarah Tsitso who was born and raised in western Massachusetts, living in Ludlow, Palmer and Springfield before making her home in Longmeadow. She attended Simmons University in Boston, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English. She received her master’s degree from Bay Path University in Longmeadow, where she studied nonprofit management. She is currently enrolled in Bay Path’s MFA program, pursuing a second master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing.
During the course of her nonprofit career, Sarah has worked in leadership roles for a number of local nonprofits, including Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity, the East of the River 5 Town Chamber of Commerce, two Springfield-based Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. She also spent eight years as editor of several weekly newspapers for Turley Publications.
She has spent the past three years serving as executive director of The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center.
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Jennifer Jones was nominated to be President of Rotary International for the year 22/23.
This could be a historic moment in Rotary as she, if elected would be the first women President.
Thank You!
Because of your commitment to the Rotary Foundation, our district is one of the top 3 districts for total Rotary Foundation giving in Rotary Zone 32. Our district reached a total of $515,814.
 This figure includes donations to: the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, the Endowment, the Disaster Response Fund and Global Grants.  
What other districts are in our zone?  Our zone is comprised of districts in Southern Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Bermuda. Plus a few clubs in Quebec are thrown in to make us a cross border zone.
Polio Update
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) abruptly halted all mass vaccination campaigns in March, worried they could inadvertently spread the novel coronavirus.
The move further imperiled the troubled 3-decade drive to wipe out polio.
But now, armed with new data and perspective, GPEI and the countries it supports are resuming vaccination campaigns. Burkina Faso was first out of the gate in early July; Pakistan last week. Polio cases are surging in many countries, and models paint a “pretty bleak picture” if campaigns don’t restart soon, says Michel Zaffran, who heads the effort at the World Health Organization (WHO). For now, countries will only be responding to outbreaks; preventive campaigns remain on hold.
Vaccinators get temperature checks before getting to work in Karachi, Pakistan, on July 20th.
We Did It! 
Our District and the Amherst Rotary Club recently applied for a Disaster Response Grant. The grant was recently approved by the Rotary Foundation to purchase a  Zoll ZVent MRI Compatible Portable Ventilator for Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, in Northampton. The ventilator features a full range of ventilation options, making this portable ventilator not only easy to use but also MRI-conditional, providing patients with high-quality ventilation all the way to the MRI suite. Many thanks go to DRFC Prasad Menon and Amherst Rotarian Georgia Moore for their hard work in getting this grant approved.  
Rotary disaster response grants support relief and recovery efforts in areas affected by natural disasters within the past six months. Qualified districts in affected areas may apply for grants of up to $25,000, based on the availability of funds. Grant funds can be used to provide basic items such as water, food, medicine, and clothing.


Are you looking for dinner without the hassle of cooking and cleaning dishes?
Check out the link below to see what local restaurants in your area have on the menu for take out and who is open for indoor/ outdoor dining.
Please remember to be safe and follow CDC guidelines.





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Our weekly Bulletin goes out to more than 70 local leaders every week and is a wonderful way to spread your message. *All submissions are subject to approval. 


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